Jacquie's Teaching Philosophy


"My  gift is to learn about each child’s individual needs and help them  discover their own potential. I encourage freedom of expression while  supporting them to push further than before."


Children  build on past art  experiences to learn new ways to express or more advanced techniques. I  strive to help them reach or exceed their potential by honoring their  strengths and pushing them beyond their challenges." 


"It takes careful  observation and lots of understanding to individuate my art program but  after many years of teaching I realize this is how we learn, when we are  ready and not before. I have an ability to recognize when to gently  prompt a child and when they are finished."


About Jacquie

Jacquie Bresadola is a figurative sculptor using many media to express her love of the  human form including, stone, clay, mixed media, leather and bronze. She  has been facilitating art classes with children for the past twenty-five years  (eighteen in the Seattle area). She and her family moved to Bellingham in 2006  where she Pacé Atelier Art Studio  for artists of all ages in 2006. 

Jacquie received her BFA from the Ringling School  of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. She focused on Figurative Sculpture  and Stone Carving. She also completed a two year program at The Johnson  Atelier Technical Institute Of Sculpture In Princeton, New Jersey, where she  learned all aspects of bronze casting.